"Your magazine gets better and better. I am so grateful for the interesting articles, the beautiful pictures, and all of the information you provide. Thank you,"
Katie, California
"I just wanted to thank you for all the useful and enjoyable articles I’ve read in Driving Digest over the years. I’ve enjoyed (and used) the practical training exercises, the explanations of driving esoterica (never knew that about robes – had to hem mine up!), and the social and organizational side of things, all of it!

I just now finished turning back to an old issue to review an exercise from Andy Marcoux. So clearly explained and useful! I had put it in practice when I read it earlier, and it did the job. But I wanted to refresh my memory and now am ready to practice with it again. Thank you for all your work and the really beautiful photography."
Carol, California
"Thank you for publishing a beautiful magazine. It inspires me to get out and go drive my pony. I love the hats also. I share my magazine with my friend, who also loves your magazine. The problem is her house 'swallows up' the magazines, and I never see them again. So this year, I would like to buy her a subscription and selfishly keep my magazine. Keep up the good work. All your hard work is appreciated."
Robin, Oregon
"I have just received my first issue of Driving Digest and have joyfully read it cover-to-cover. What a marvelous publication. I love the depth and breadth of the articles. You and your staff should be very proud."
Jason, Kentucky
"Well, I thought the last issue was terrific, but it pales in comparison to this current one! Oh my gosh, it is so lively. My favorite is “What’s in Your Barn.” The way “The Big Top of Driving” was told made it so interesting and energetic. The caption on page 36: Keeping her full attention on her student….Even the Rockefeller article because it told us about two carriage driving places – Acadia and Pocantico Hills. Hats off to this month's magazine. It just sparkles with the way it is told and laid out, and the photos were extra outstanding – especially the "Family Album."
Jacqueline, Ohio
"Great issue – I haven’t put it down. Really enjoyed the Flint Cart article and the Keeneland article too."
Jerry, NY
"I just wanted to let you know as a Driving Digest subscriber for a number of years how great I found your last issue to be. As the President of a fairly new club (2015), I am frequently asked: "When is a horse ready for the next step?" Your "Knowing when the time is right" article is tried and true advice I can give to those who ask. I also found the article on insurance to be a great help, as one of the first club stumbling blocks was insurance. Our club even lost some members due to the insurance issue. Each issue of Driving Digest gets better and better."
Linda, ID
"Just a note to let you know how much we enjoy the Driving Digest. The magazine is so attractive, the articles are interesting, and it is such a pleasure to read. Even when I'm too tired to read, I love looking at the pictures."
Sharon, NC
"I have meant to write this for a while. I started driving a while ago, and your magazine was one of my first resources between lessons for exploring the world of driving. The articles have been accessible and helpful for keeping on track, but I did want to mention how helpful I found the advertisements. I spent many happy hours studying the ads in my quest to increase my knowledge. Tack and various carriages were a mystery to start with, and while I still have more to learn than I will ever know, I still study them to know what I should be asking my instructor about. I especially enjoy dreaming about the day (and I know it is coming) when I will need all the beautiful appointments."
Aggie, NC
"I've read quite a variety of horse publications, and yours is above and beyond with the quality and information each and every issue. Wish all publications were as outstanding as yours."
Seana, CA
"I loved the latest Driving Digest. Every part of it. Harley, Judge Moore, Joe Yoder (I don't even know him), etc. Whole thing was great. Your latest magazine was a combination of history, young people in the sport, etc. Great job, and thanks for all the hard work."
Mike, VA

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