A large group of Carriage Association of America members and friends spilled through the doors of its new office June 25.

Before being invited inside, people lined the edge of the parking lot as VIPs were driven to the celebration in carriages. The first to alight from a postilion driven carriage was CAA’s first president Jack Pemberton. Next, members of the World Coaching Club were delivered by WCC President Misdee Wrigley Miller driving her own Park Drag. More past presidents and dignitaries arrived until, lastly, current president Tom Burgess and his wife Gloria disembarked and led the crowd to the doors of the office.

Two ribbons – one red, white, and blue, the other yellow, prevented entry. The yellow ribbon – symbolizing one of the official colors of the World Coaching Club, was cut by President Wrigley Miller. Tom Burgess, after a few short words, took the scissors to the other ribbon and opened the doors.

The large, tile floored vestibule holds several glass cases filled with silver trophies, valuable artifacts and memorabilia. The office layout is essentially a box within a box, with an interior hallway separating the outer offices from the inner rooms. The walls of the hallway are hung with coaching prints and other related works of art. The outer rim hold offices for Executive Director Jill Ryder, Jennifer Singleton and Carriage Museum of America’s (CMA) Mindy Groff.

In addition to the CAA’s offices, the CMA’s library and archives are housed in the new space, as is a small, comfortable ‘reading room,’ a place for visitors to sit in comfortable chairs and read or browse through books at their leisure. Another room is designated as the headquarters for the World Coaching Club, complete with wingback chairs and a wall full of books (a collection donated by Anne and Charles Leck), and framed photos and memorabilia.

The largest room is the Edith Wasserman Conference Center. For the evening festivities, the large conference table was laden with hors d’oeuvres; chairs lined the walls which were also covered with art and well-filled book shelves.

Center rooms house a full kitchen, mail room and copy center, restrooms (six in all!) along with extra office space, some of which has been rented to outside groups, with more still available.

The entire building covers 7500 square feet, compared to the previous space of 2400. Still within the perimeter of the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky, access, particularly parking, is so much easier. The large parking lot is surrounded with other association offices such as the United States Dressage Federation and the United States Equestrian Federation.

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