Want to be entertained? Want to learn something? Tune in to the Driving Radio Show and do both.

“Where do I find it on my radio dial?” you ask. You won’t. The Driving Radio Show is a podcast. “What is a podcast?” you ask next. “Simply, it is online radio. It is on-demand radio. You can listen to it anytime,” says the founder and host Glenn Hebert.

The Driving Radio Show is part of the Horse Radio Network. Glenn and his wife Jenn began the Horse Radio Network on August 8, 2008 with their first show – The Stable Scoop Radio Show. It had 12 listeners. It grew to 130,000 listeners in 92 countries. To date they have produced over 4000 episodes, featured over 6000 guests and reviewed over 600 products.

Currently the Horse Radio Network hosts eight separate shows: Horses in the Morning (1250 episodes), the Driving Radio Show (218) episodes, Eventing Radio Show (369 episodes), Dressage Radio Show (327 episodes), Horsemanship Radio (47 episodes), Horse Tip Daily (1,156 episodes), Equestrian Legends (30 episodes), and the Stable Scoop Radio Show (368 episodes).

Each show has a co-host. Wendy Ying is Glenn’s co-host for the Driving Radio Show. What makes a good co-host? “Personality first,” says Glenn. Wendy and Glenn met “all thanks to Mike Arnold,” according to Wendy. The year was 2009, and the Heberts and Wendy were both living in Kentucky at the time. (Now they both live in Florida.) Jenn Hebert wanted to arrange for Glenn to take a drive on a four-in-hand carriage for his birthday and she happened to talk with Mike Arnold (of Driving News) who suggested she call Wendy. Wendy arranged for Glenn and Jenn to go out for a drive with a four-in-hand of Hackney ponies. Wendy and Glenn just hit it off from the start. As soon as Glenn got home, he said to Jenn “I’m going to contact her [about doing the Driving Radio Show.]

Glenn calls himself a ‘horse husband,’ because he isn’t a rider, but he has always loved to drive recreationally, and always loved Hackneys. His background is sales (he sold insurance for 15 years), acting (he owned an acting company for 10 years), and owned one of the first on-line tack businesses in the 1990s. Sales + acting + retail = the ingredients for a successful career in podcasting.

Wendy Ying is the person with all the contacts for the guests that they book on their shows. She knows everyone. She is a veterinarian specializing in equine dentistry and traditional Chinese veterinary medicine. She has competed in both pleasure driving and combined driving and has lived in many places throughout the U.S. She has all the people she has ever met in her contact list. They rarely plan an episode far in advance. Whatever is happening in the driving world at the time, Wendy knows someone they can call and book on the show. So when the World Pony Championships were over, she said, “Let’s call Bram!” Bram Chardon of the Netherlands had just won the World Pony Championship with his four-in-hand of ponies. Since Wendy knows almost all the guests they book, they are not intimidated and are relaxed during their conversation. Glenn books the ‘wacky’ guests, says Wendy, like people who drive geese. Nothing is off limits. If there is an animal and some kind of cart involved, it is fair game for the owner to be a guest on the show. One listener who has been a guest more than once is the star of Ice Road Trucker, Lisa Kelly of Alaska. Another favorite guest is Barry Dickenson with his encyclopedic knowledge of everything driving, and David Saunders who guest hosts on a regular basis.

“Education through Entertainment”
This is what Glenn believes makes their podcasts so successful. “This is what is missing from other mediums, like TV shows about horses,” he says. Listeners tell him “It is so funny and I learn something.” The statistics indicate that 6000 people tune in to listen. “Half of them don’t drive,” says Glenn, “they just love the show.” They know that people have taken up driving because they’ve listened to the show.

Talking with Glenn and Wendy on the Driving Radio Show is like chatting with two friends. Glenn is the straight man to Wendy’s colorful commentary. Wendy is naturally curious about people and their animals. The fact that she is such a good listener is amazing since talking is what got her the job! Most episodes start off with Wendy and Glenn chatting about what they’ve been up to the past week – kind of like “Live with Regis and Kathy Lee,” on TV in years past.

In March 2015, Glenn and Wendy broadcast live from the Live Oak International in Ocala, Florida. Watching the action on several monitors, they gave a play-by-play of the action. Wendy’s personal knowledge of most of the drivers and their horses and ponies added a tremendous amount to the coverage.

Recently Glenn attended the Podcast Movement conference in Fort Worth, Texas, where he expected to learn more about this industry. Instead he found himself the center of attention among the other attendees who wanted to know more about his success with the Horse Radio Network.

The Horse Radio Network ranks among the top five podcasting networks in the world. While podcasting is the fastest growing form of media, with over 45 million people listening to an average of seven podcasts a week, 99% fail in the first six months. For Glenn and Jenn it has always been a business. It takes stamina to put out as many shows each week as they do. And if they want – or need – a vacation, the work load doubles beforehand to make sure that the shows are recorded and air on schedule.

What is the value and appeal of podcasting? Because it is an on-demand medium, people listen to it while they are doing other things. Cleaning stalls, driving in their cars, cleaning the house. “They listen to kill time,” says Glenn. You don’t have to tune in at a particular time, or even remember to record it. It works on a computer, a tablet or a phone.

Another value of listening to the content rather than reading it is to hear the person’s voice. To hear the inflection and emotion, hearing the speaker laugh or cry, makes a big difference.

How can you tune in? Go to and click on How to Listen and you’ll be listening in no time. Scroll down the list of over 200 shows and find the ones you like.

Happy listening!

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